How to Disable Email Notifications for Watched Threads?

What is a Watched Thread?
When you create a thread, it automatically becomes a Watched Thread.
When you post in a thread started by someone else, it automatically becomes a Watched Thread.

You can see all your Watched Threads here

You will receive Email Notification and Alert Notification for all your Watched Threads. If you feel that the email alerts are overwhelming, you can disable them in the following way:

For threads that you are already watching:

1. Go to It will list all the threads that you are already watching.

2. Select the thread for which you do now want to receive Email Notifications.

3. Mouse over the option 'Manage Watched Threads' and select the option 'Disable email notification'.

This will make sure that the thread will still remain as a Watched Thread and you will receive Alert Notifications in the site. But going forward, you will not receive any Email Notifications for this thread.

For new threads that you create:

When you create a new thread and do not wish to receive Email Notifications for the same, please do the following:

1. When you are about to create a thread, you can see that the 'and receive email notifications' below the 'Create Thread button is selected by default(see image below). Please uncheck this option if you do not wish to receive Email Notifications for any new posts in this thread.

For new posts that you make:

If you make a post in a thread, you will start email notifications for subsequent new posts made in the thread. If you would not like to receive Email Notifications, 

1. Below the 'Post Reply' box, click on 'More Options'.

2. In the 'Add Reply' page that opens up, uncheck the option 'and receive email notifications' as shown in the image below:

3.Type your response and click on 'Reply to Thread' button to post your response.

To see how you can disable Email Notifications for all your Watched Threads, click here.

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