How can I Embed Video to a Media Category / Album?

You can embed videos from youtube, facebook etc. in the Media section available in Indusladies. You can upload the videos in Media Categories or in your Albums.

1. Go to the Media page:

2. Click on 'Add Media' button 

3. Select the Media Category you want to embed the video to. If you would prefer, you can embed the video to your Album too.
Here are the different Media Categories available.
Should I embed a video to a Media Category or an Album?

4. Select the tab 'Embed a Video' and enter the url of the Video you want to embed in the space provided. Then click on the + symbol.

5. You can then provide an appropriate title and description for the Video. Finally click on 'Save Media' button.

6. You can now see the Video available under Media.

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