Should I upload my image as an attachment in the post or in the Media?

We recommend that you upload your images in either a Media category or in an album. When you upload an image as an attachment to a post, it will only be preset in the post.

Whereas when you upload your image in a Media Category or Album, you have the following advantages:

1. Saves Time:
You just have to upload the image once. Anytime , you would want to include the image in your posts, you just have to select the image from the Media in one click.

2. Organized:
Just like how your organize your images in your computer or in a photo sharing website, Media is the equivalent image organizing tool in IL. You can see all the images that you have uploaded by clicking on the Media link in your profile.

3. Better Visibility:
When you add your image as a Media and then include it in your post, your image will not only appear in your post but also be visible when anybody clicks on Media. All original media will be prominently featured in the right rail of IL.

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