What are the different Media Categories?

In IL, we have 3 broader categories available with appropriate sub categories under each:

1. Original Media - You Click, You Share
This is the category to opt for when you are sharing your own photos and images for eg., your art work, your interest in nature photography, the yummy dishes that come out of your kitchen etc.
- Arts and Crafts
- Food
- Gardening
- Nature photography
- Spirituality

2. Shared Media
Choose one of the sub categories under this section if you would like to share an image from the Internet that interested you. Interesting jokes, quotes, tips etc. that can be useful to the community can be shared in one of the below sub categories:
- Beauty and Fashion
- Health
- Entertainment
- Festival Wishes
- Others

3. Regional Media
There are certain images that are most enjoyed when shared in one of our many regional languages. And this is the appropriate category for them. All images that have content in any regional language and not in English should be uploaded under one of the following sub categories:
- Hindi
- Tamil
- Telugu
- Others

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