My thread, post or username is missing. Why?

To keep the site friendly, helpful and safe for Indian women, we very actively moderate the site. Any thread or post that violates the Terms of Use and the Forum Etiquette will be deleted. And in some cases, we delete the user as well. 

Following are some of the common reason why threads, posts and usernames would be deleted..
- Self-promotional posts
- Posts promoting boutiques, hobby classes, home based businesses etc
- Posts promoting events, 
- Solicitations by male members
- Frivolous posts by male members
- Uncivil conversations
- Posts containing contact information (email, telephone, website etc)

If your post didn't fall into any of the above, then please contact us using the "Contact Support" link on the right. Provide us more details about the nature of your post, which forum you posted it and when you posted it. Thank you. 

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