"No Deletion" Policy

Posts are editable only for 2 hours from the time of posting. After that, this "No-Deletion" policy comes into effect and the post becomes a permanent repository in the site for the benefit of future visitors. 

We have this “No-Deletion” policy and built the system around it because of the following reasons.

1) A vast majority of the site visitors are passive readers. The Original poster is only one of the beneficiaries of the discussion. There are innumerable others who find the same discussion to be incredibly useful to their personal situation. Deleting posts substantially reduces the value of the community to other members and hence it is an absolutely central policy for us to not delete any post after the 1-hour period.

2) When IL’ites responds to a post, they take time and effort to provide that opinion/suggestion/help. We want their participation to be helpful to as many IL’ites as possible. Deleting your posts makes other IL’ites posts loose context and in most cases becomes meaningless. It is not fair to make other IL’ites contributions meaningless.

3) Some members claim that editing or deleting their post doesn't make other members contribution meaningless. Going through the requested edit and making a decision on a case by case basis is very very hard. We just don't know where to draw the line on which posts are okay to delete and which posts aren't. Which posts will create holes in the site and which posts won't. Which ones will reduce value to the community and which ones won't. Which edits changes context and which ones don't. Deciphering all that and justifying to members as to why we deleted one and not the other is impossible to manage. That is why we have to lay this black and white rule and be fair and consistent to everyone.

4) Another important reason is that Indusladies.com is a very small team. And with the very very limited time we have, we are trying to build a friendly and helpful community for Indian Women. We do not have the team strength to support post edits/deletions.

5) In the very rarest of cases where a member has posted personally identifiable information AND the person’s life will be upset in a very significant way, we offer this as a last resort option. We can edit one-post removing a maximum of 200 words. We have to do this in a way without the subsequent posts losing context. If you think your situation is that dire, then please email support with the link to the one post that you wanted deleted and the words that you want deleted. We will take care of that.

Email requests to support mailbox to delete username and/or all posts will be politely declined. We would only gently redirect you to read this policy. There are certain policies we need to have and enforce in order for the greater benefit of the community. We look forward to your kind co-operation. 

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