Zero Tolerance Policy

Because this is a ladies site, we are very particular in ensuring that the site is emotionally safe for Indian women to belong here. Indusladies is NOT a dating site.  Men are welcome to join, but should conduct themselves with a very high level of decency. 

If a member forwards us a private message received from a male member soliciting “friendship” or with any doubtful intentions, we will revoke the male member’s ID immediately. No questions or enquiries. We will also block the male member’s IP address from accessing our site. Same goes for members who participate in an indecent way. 

Our decision on this is final. We have zero tolerance for such behavior. 

Ladies, if you were approached by a male member with any doubtful intentions, please forward that message to “IL_Admin”. Please do not just ignore the message. Your vigilance will make this site a better place for everyone. No member of this site should go through the hassle of putting up with such inappropriate advances by sub-standard members.

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