How do I add an avatar?

Avatar is the small graphical image that is displayed under your username whenever you post. A new user can choose from one of the available standard avatars. Once you become a junior IL'ite, you can upload your own custom avatar.

An avatar would give a touch of individuality to your postings. Here is how you do it

1. Click on "Forums" menu.
2. When in Forums, you will see a purple menu bar. Click on "UserCp ".
3. In the drop down menu you will notice "Edit Avatar" option
Here you have 2 options:
      Standard avatar - You can choose a picture from our gallery
      Custom avatar - Select a picture (image file - .jpg or .gif) you already have in your computer
4. If the picture is of the acceptable size as mentioned in the panel, the image will be displayed right there.
5. Click on submit and then all your postings will include the picture you chose

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