Why we don't allow exchanging contact information in public forum?

As a site policy, we don't allow public sharing of contact information (email, telephone nos, facebook username, address etc). Many members try to circumvent this to their own peril. 

Here are the reasons why we have this policy in place. 

1) We want Indusladies.com to be a very safe place for Indian Women to hangout. When a contact information is shared in public, it is accessible to everyone. That includes people who will use it to call and create mischief. It will also result in a lot of spam emails and calls. 

2) Even if you use a separate email for this purpose, not everyone will be savvy as you. An onlooker seeing this, will share their main private email and will get into trouble. That is why we don't allow this for everyone. 

3) Most members belatedly realize the adverse impact of public sharing of contact information. They then write to us wanting to edit their posts. This adds an enormous administrative burden, which as a small team, we are unable to satisfy. 

Therefore, please do not share contact information in the public forum. Here is how to safely exchange contact information

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