How do I change my username?

As we mention at the time of registration, username once created cannot be changed. We have this policy and built the system around it because of the following reasons.

1) A username is what people refer to in all discussions. Changing it would create substantial confusion among readers and make the discussions hard to follow.

2) From a technical standpoint, username is the pivotal variable that connects profiles, discussions and every piece of data that users create. Changing it would put substantial risk to the stability of the database.

The site allows an extreme amount of flexibility in personalizing the experience. However, there are certain things we need to keep fixed for overall well-being of the community and the site.

Please do not send emails to our support mailbox for changing your username as you will be redirected to this policy only. There are certain policies we need to have and enforce in order for the greater benefit of the community. We look forward to your kind co-operation.

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