What happened to my blogs?

Why we moved blogs in to forums?

As you know, Indusladies upgraded to a Mobile Responsive platform. The new software platform doesn't support "Blogs" as a separate section. But we did not want to lose all the blog content that members had made previously. So we moved all the blog content into the appropriate forums.

Where are my blogs now?

We have moved all the blogs to the appropriate most fitting forums based on the blog topic.
For eg., if you had blogged about recipes, it should be in the Food forum.
If you had blogged about a religious belief, it should be in the Culture forum.

You can either search for them through the forums. Or you can find them all under "Your Content" link:

Where do I blog going forward?

Disabling the blogs shouldn't be deterrent to your creative writings. Please continue to post your contributions in the forums itself that are more appropriate to the topic.
For eg., if you are interested in sharing an interesting happening in your life, you can post that in Snippets of Life forum. And if you would like to share how you enjoyed your trip to an exotic place, share them in the Travel forum.

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