Participation Levels

As your participate more in the community, members move through various participation levels as follows:

  • New IL'ite < 50 Posts
  • Junior IL'ite - 50+ Posts
  • Senior IL'ite - 100+ Posts
  • Bronze IL'ite - 250+ Posts
  • Silver IL'ite - 500+ Posts
  • Gold IL'ite - 1000+ Posts
  • Platinum IL'ite - 2500+ Posts
  • IL Hall of Fame - 5000+ Posts

Members get incremental privileges as they reach new participation levels. Here are 10 fun and easy ideas to get started participating

New IL'ite (with <5 Posts) can:

  • Start new threads or post reply in any of the forums
  • Use existing avatars
  • Post a new poll or vote in an existing Poll.
  • View & download photos & attachments
  • View user profiles
  • Rate Threads
  • Tag their own threads

New IL'ite (5+ Posts) can:

  • Create albums and upload photos to their albums
  • Add photos and attachments to discussions and groups
  • Have an attachment quota of 250MB
New IL'ite (10+ Posts) can:
  • Send and receive private messages
  • Add members as contacts and friends

Junior IL'ite (50+ Posts) can:

  • Have a custom avatar
  • Have a custom profile picture
  • Have a signature

Senior IL'ite (100+ posts) can:

  • Add tags to other's Threads
Bronze IL'ite (250+ posts) have:
  • Attachment quota of 500MB

Silver IL'ite (500+ posts) have:

  • Private messages quota of 250

Gold IL'ite (1000+ posts):

  • Get a Free IL-Cap

Platinum IL'ite (2500+ posts) have:

  • Attachment Quota of 2GB
  • Private messages quota of 500
IL Hall of Fame IL'ite (5000+ posts):
  • Get a special gift

NOTE: Whenever you make a post in Indusladies, it adds to your post count. Posts made in certain forums do not get counted. See more details. 

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