Advertising Options with Indusladies

Indusladies caters to a large audience (1.5Million Unique visitors) of Indian women and is a great platform to reach them with your products and services. We offer several different types of advertising that includes banner ads, video ads, email advertising, expandable ad units, gutter ads, background skinning and more customized sponsorship opportunities. 

At this time, we are able to support direct advertising only for large CPM campaigns that utilize one or more of our advertising formats and have a minimum budget of $1000. 

If you have a budget below that, the easiest way to get your ads on our site is through the google adwords program. You can do a placement targeted campaign and indicate "" as the website you want your ads to show-up on. 

If you can support a budget above $1000, please contact with your advertising needs and contact information. We will respond promptly. Thank you.  

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