How can I start a blog in Indusladies?

Indusladies also offers a community blogging platform where members have a personal blog to express themselves in ways that will be useful, informative and entertaining to others. 

To blog in, you need to request blog access by sending an email to Before doing so, please read the below basic requirements and make sure that you can comply. 

  • Consistent blogging. You decide the frequency of your blog posts, but ascertain that you can put in the time to maintain a blog
  • Focus on Quality - Continuously calibrate and improve your blog posts by looking at user comments and feedback.
  • Carryout ongoing actions to improve your readership (Face book/Twitter activity, participating in external blog contests, etc)

If you think you will be able to meet these requirements, let us know by sending a mail to and we will immediately set you up with a personal blogspace in IndusLadies community. 

P.S - Setting up a blog to promote ones external blog or products or services is not allowed. 

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